MLC - BJP leader B J Puttaswamy resigns

            B J Puttaswamy, Leader of BJP Karnataka, resigned from his post, disappointed at his inability to secure party's nomination to the post of the member of legislative council. "I have the satisfaction of ably discharging responsibilities entrusted to me. I worked for the whole array of in backward classes without confining myself to a particular class. I effectively sorted out the Morcha and effectively held traditions. Notwithstanding when I was made the minister, I worked hard within a short time that was available to me. In any case, I fail to understand as per which yardstick I failed to get nominated to the post of MLC. Not just me, even the people of the state have neglected to absorb this decision," he expressed. Puttaswamy said he is certainly not a dissent however his name has been added to this list. He demanded that he will never be in help of dissenters or dissatisfied leaders. "I don't know why my part in dynamic politics was abruptly stopped amid the last period of my political life. I am grateful to everybody who has helped me till today. I have sent in my resignation to state BJP president, B S Yeddyurappa, with a request to acknowledge the same with quick affect. I never longed for selfish needs," he expressed. He disclosed to Yeddyurappa that the media had anticipated him as a close confidante of the latter and that he has dependably maintained the dignity of that status. He included that he is feeling that his diligent work, responsibility, trust and supports in the face of danger to life have been defeated and therefore, he decided to resign.