Municipal Corporation of Tirupati directs hoteliers to install compost making units

        As per the Government of India solid waste management rules 2016, Municipal Corporation of Tirupati (MCT) decided to stop collection of wet garbage from the bulk generators like hoteliers, restaurants, fast food centers and marriage halls in the city.

According to ministry of Environment guidelines, MCT officials plan not to collect wet garbage from bulk generators. On the Commissioner's instructions Public Health department prepared plans on onsite compost making process at hotels, restaurants and marriage halls besides Indian Railways and Defence establishments. At present in Tirupati city, 120 tonnes of wet garbage is generated. In the first phase, officials have started awareness meetings among the hoteliers as well as restaurants owners and informed them to make their own arrangements for clearing of wet waste by installing onsite compost making machines. 
About 50 commercial establishments like hotels and restaurants have been identified as bulk garbage generators which produce above 100 kgs of wet waste per day which is cleaned by MCT workers. Already MCT had established two onsite compost machines at Indira Priyadarisini vegetables market and in Rythu Bazaar at cost of Rs 8 lakh. 
MCT secretary S Manohar said to The Hans India, `` Our staffers have been sensitising the hotels, restaurants and marriage halls owners on onsite compost making process by arranging meetings with experts from Hyderabad. 
If they are ready to set up units, TUDA will purchase the manure which will be produced by them in future.'' In due course we will take serious steps to implement the onsite compost making rules as mandatory at bulk garbage generators in the city, the MCT Secretary added.